Admission Procedures

Swift Creek High School

Admission Procedures

Checklist – Form A

The following must be completed prior to enrollment at the Swift Creek High School:

1.  Star Valley High School (SVHS) Referral to Swift Creek High School (SCHS) has been completed and signed.

2. The Swift Creek High School Registration Form has been completed and signed.

3. Swift Creek High School “Student Expectations” must be reviewed and signed.  Student will receive a copy of the Lincoln County School District #2 “Student Dress and Appearance Policy” (JICA).

4. The SCHS “Attendance Agreement” must be reviewed and signed.

5. The Lincoln County School District #2 “Home Language Survey” must be completed.

6. Current immunization records are on file with the school secretary.

7. Student shall be given a copy of all required notifications.

8. Verification of proper student check-out from SVHS.

9. All books and materials have been returned; and

All fees have been paid:


(school district official) (date)

All admissions requirements are complete.


(school district official) (date)